• Josue Klasinski

    Administrative Associate

Originally from the country of Chile, Josh has lived in Florida for most of his life. Here he has discovered the enjoyments of the natural world as well as some quirky down-south favorites, the hot-boiled peanut and the occasional mangrove flats fishing.

From his beginnings in the medical field and his longest-held position as customer associate at a local construction materials sales floor, Magnuson Financial saw in Josh a gusto for learning and an aim to build on his skill set.

In the office Josh gets to field incoming client calls, actively listening for how best to serve the client and assist his team. Info. gathering and written communications come into play with the various administrative tasks that help reach the end-goals Peter and the client have discussed. Clients will find Josh interacting with them in a way that says our team is dependable and seeks to uphold the golden rule.

Josh is currently studying to take the SIE and Series 7 exams.